Monday, April 17, 2006

The Webmaster's Assistant

There are many tools available to a webmaster to analyse website traffic allowing them to monitor the number of visitors, see what pages have been accessed and even the length of time each visitors spends accessing the website.
However, despite the considerable data available what is missing is anything to tell the webmaster what the visitor was thinking. Did they like or dislike the site? Was the layout easy to understand or just plain confusing? Did they find it easy to navigate and maybe the most important thing, did they find the information they wanted?
A website may be generating sales but why are some people that visit the website not buying anything? Was it because they didn't like what was being offered or they couldn't find what they wanted?
Website surveys provide webmasters with an excellent and accurate method of answering these types of questions. Direct feedback from the website visitors cuts to the chase, no need to guess, just ask the visitors themselves how they found the site and if they found what they were looking for.
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Work at Home - Ideas for Success

Searching for success in your online home business? Always wanted to be your own boss? Need to make money at home while you stay with the kids? Retired, but need extra cash?
Home business opportunities and online work at home programs are proliferating at geometric proportions on the Internet these days. It's hard to figure out which sites to land on. This short article offers summaries of some of the work at home opportunities on the Internet today, the common and the not-so-common methods people just like you have found success online.

Take surveys online. Hundreds of thousands of companies need feedback from the public to tweak their businesses. They pay out big bucks in small packages for people to take their surveys. It's not easy to make a living taking surveys online, but you can pick up some extra money. Success in this online work at home opportunity comes from heavy-duty persistence on your part. It's easy and fun.

Get into online auctions. The mega-auction companies like eBay display such unassailable success because people just like yourself have figured out how to make money from home selling either their product or others' on their auction sites. Be prepared to invest a little, possibly earn a lot, and have tons of fun in the process.

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