Friday, March 31, 2006

Your Website Is Beautiful - But Where Are The Profits?

Most new e-business owners realize they need a website that looks professional. But how elaborate do you need to be? How much energy, creativity and money should you invest so that visitors gasp, “Wow – what a beautiful website?”
Experienced business owners know: Your goal is to create a website that sells, not a site that wins the electronic version of Miss Universe. Most of the time you’ll want to win sales contests – not beauty contests.
Remember the commercial about the beer and the dog? A man sends his dog into the kitchen to get him a beer. We hear sounds of a refrigerator opening and a can opener humming...and then we hear lapping sounds. Oh no! The dog is drinking the beer!
Great commercial, right? Except ... can you remember the brand of beer?
And of course we’ve all seen that big pink battery-powered rabbit. But many viewers can’t remember the sponsor’s brand.
(1) Emphasize your marketing message.
Recently I heard a speaking professional say,...(Read More)

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