Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Superb Website Promotion Tips For Free

If you own a website, this article is a must read. I will give you some quality free tips to help you to gain a higher search engine position, a higher page rank and of course an increase in overall traffic.

In my opinion the following examples of website promotion are the best ways to obtain an increase in traffic to your website. I have a large number of websites and these free tips have helped me to make them a huge success. Out of all of the options that I mention by far the best is writing articles and this is likely to become a major form of website promotion in the future.

1. Pay per click advertising.
Pay per click advertising is becoming more and more popular with programs such as Google adwords reporting more and more people signing up to their service. I personally use pay per click however the costs are increasing each month as it like a form of auction. There are better ways of attracting visitors which are also free as you may read later. PPC is a way of getting your website on the right hand side of the search results in the sponsored results by you paying an advertising fee. You set the amount you are happy to pay per click and when somebody clicks on your ad, you have an extra visitor, however at a cost to you. It is important to remember not to spend more on the pay per click advertising than what you are likely to earn etc.

2. Writing articles.
Writing articles such as this one is a good way of promoting your website. (Read More)

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